"Welcome to Island Pointe Marina "

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Our Mission

To act, on behalf and in the interest of Island Pointe Marinas' homeowners, in protecting property values by promoting and preserving the desirability, cleanliness and community values of our neighborhood and in managing and maintaining our common areas and facilities.

Island Pointe Marina Board of Directors

About the Board Members

Dan Reyer, Board Member/ CPA
Doug Kopp, Chairman
Doug Kopp has been a resident of Island Pointe Marina since January 2003. Doug has a MBA from Regis University and is an Executive Sales Consultant for a major pharmaceutical company. He likes to listen to loud music and spending time outside while boating, fishing, cycling or skiing. He and his wife Zita are avid Spartan fans and care for 1 dog and 2 cats.

Carl Myer,
Board Member

I have experience in law and land rights. My goal is to implement better community for the common advantage of all landowners.

Mike Marinello, Board Member/Secretary

2012 Board Meeting Agendas