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  • Letter to Residents
  • Clubhouse Use & Rental

    The community clubhouse is located at 434 Anchors Way. Common areas included within the clubhouse are: Lounge & Kitchenette, Restrooms & Showers, Laundry & Vending.

    Private Events

    Association Members may rent or sponsor an event in the clubhouse. Seasonal Leasers may host an event provided an Association Member sponsors the event. The pool area may not be reserved for a private event. Doug is the social director so if you have an idea for a community party please contact him. We usually have the Harry Fish Fry the last weekend in April and have an event for the fourth of July. In 2010 , we had Kevin McDaniel live at the pool and this year we had the Gilligans Island Dance Party.

    Procedures for requesting a date and securing your time:
    1. Download the request form or you can obtain the form from the Association Administrator, currently Gardner Management.
    2. Fill out & return the request in the specified time limit.
    3. A $200 deposit is due upon confirmation of your requested date. Of the deposit, $50 is a non-refundable use fee. Provided the facilities are left clean and undamaged you may choose to either receive a refund or keep the deposit in account to be applied to future events.
    4. Approval from the Association Board must be obtained when an event plans to exceed 4 hours, 50 guests, and/or plans to serve alcohol.
    5. Finalize all event details with the Association Administrator no less than 24 hours prior to the event.
    6. Seasonal Restriction: Holiday rentals during the summer months (April - September) must be approved by the Association Board.

    Clubhouse Rental Schedule and Association Parties

    The clubhouse is reserved on the following dates and updated per Gardner Management:


    Standard Guidelines

    1. Only the main community room of the Clubhouse is available for private events. The interior hall door will be shut to close off the room. The pool, hot tub, restrooms, showers, vending and laundry area will remain available to all IPM Association Members and/or slip renters. For your enjoyment and others the clubhouse is smoke-free.
    2. You are responsible for cleaning up after your event, or making arrangements with the Association Administrator for a cleaning crew. This includes vacuuming carpeted areas, cleaning all table tops, counter-tops, faces of appliances, sweeping tile, and taking trash to dumpster. Any stains or damages will be deducted from your deposit.
    3. You may decorate appropriately for the event being held. However you may not use tacks, nails, heavy adhesives, duck tape, and so on to secure your decorations. Other decorative restrictions include: no use of glitter or pixie dust, candles must be enclosed, unless on a cake. When decorating please keep in mind you will want to use things that are easy to clean up. If you are unsure or have questions regarding decorations please ask.
    4. You may prepare your own food or have it catered.
    5. Alcoholic beverages are permitted as stated in the agreed upon terms for your event.
    6. Entertainment is permitted as long as it follows the Association guidelines for noise and quiet hours.
    7. For liability purposes the person reserving the clubhouse will have to sign a waiver releasing Island Pointe Marina of any liability related to the private event.
    8. The Association Member hosting or sponsoring an event is responsible for the behavior of all individuals attending the event. Any violations or damages, which may occur during the event, will be charged to said Association Member.

    Pool and Spa

    Open Swim is from 9am - 10pm everyday.
    Any person under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an Adult in the pool/hot tub.
    No person is to swim alone in the pool/hot tub.
    All food & beverage must be consumed away from the pool/hot tub.
    Pets/animals are not to be in the pool area.
    Absolutely no diving is allowed in the pool.
    No running, roughhousing, or unnecessary noise will be tolerated in the pool area.
    No smoking or glass containers are allowed in the pool area.
    Swimwear only in the pool/hot tub.
    Use of floats is permitted in the pool only, and must be within reason.
    Prior to entering the pool/hot tub please shower.
    Prior to entering the clubhouse or restrooms please wear a towel and footwear.
    Use of the pool/hot tub is at your own risk, there is no lifeguard on duty.
    Management reserves the right to deny use of the pool/hot tub to anyone at any time.

    All IPM residents & guest, including homeowners, slip owners, unit lessees, and transient lessees, are welcome to use the facilities from 9am - 10pm.

    Association Members & Leasers are responsible for your own behavior, your children & their behavior, and your guests & their behavior.

    Adult Association use is for those whom pay association fees and have voting privileges.
    Adult Association Lap Swim is from 6am - 9am.
    Adult Association Quiet Time Use 10pm - 12am.

    Pool/Spa Opening: Memorial Day Weekend
    Pool/Spa Closing: Mid-September Weather Permitting

    Clubhouse Improvements

    Last month the entire clubhouse was repainted and a 46 inch LED television was installed. The painter was Ronald Nelson (471-5990) and he used Sherwin Williams Sapphire paint, relaxed khaki, vanillin and flattering peach.

    Security Cameras

    All four security cameras are online currently. They are there to protect the association investments.

    434 Anchors Way Saint Joseph, Mi. 49085 Phone: (269) 323-7774 Fax: (269)323-7778