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Association Dues

AutoPay Form Download HERE

Our association dues are due on the 1st of every month. Each month there are dues being paid late. At times, more than one month late. Gardner Management provides a service that will set up automatic debits to checking and savings accounts, if this would be preferable to mailing. IPM depends on timely receipts of dues in order to provide the services expected by all owners to ensure the quality & maintain the value of our community.

Assessment Policy

A statement form will be sent out in December of each year stating the monthly assessment amount for unit and slip owners for the new fiscal year.

The monthly association assessment dues can be paid monthly or prepaid ahead of time at your convenience. Payments are to be mailed to Gardner Management Company, 5770 Venture Park, Kalamazoo, MI 49009, or you can arrange an automatic debit from your bank. Checks are to be made out to Island Pointe Marina.

Payments are due on the 1st of the month, and will be considered late if not paid by the 5th day of the month. Unit and/or Slip Owners that are six (6) days late will be charged a $10 late fee or the highest interest rate allowed by law, whichever is less. A letter will be mailed to the unit and/or slip owner when the assessments become past due asking for payment to be made within ten (10) days of receipt of the late notice letter. Additionally, approval of a request to lease or rent will not be granted if any owner has an outstanding balance due on their monthly home and/or boat slip assessment dues.

The late charge will be assessed every subsequent month until the unit and/or slip owner is current. Unit and/or Slip Owners greater than ninety (90) days late will be turned over to Island Pointe Marina's attorney for collection, which may include filing a personal judgment, lien on the property, garnishment of wages, or start foreclosure of property on the unit and/or slip in default. Unit and/or Slip Owners will be liable for any fees incurred by IPM in collection of dues.

Policy Adopted: February 2, 2008
Island Pointe Marina Board of Directors

Exterior Modifications and Structural Alterations

Architectural Review Request Form Download HERE

Residents are reminded to review Article 8, Restrictions of our by-laws. If you are planning to make any exterior modifications or alterations to your dock or home area, plans and specifications must be approved by the IPM Architectural Review Committee, first. This includes, but is not limited to, placement of satellite dishes, lighting systems, landscaping and home exterior additions or modifications. Please summit request through Email:gardnermgmt@ctsmail.net

The Rules and Regulations for Island Pointe Marina

The Board of Directors asks that you take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the content, and that whether you are an owner, a rentor, or just visiting, that you abide by them. We are committed to creating and maintaining an attractive, safe and enjoyable community in which to live. The community refers to the entire development as a whole. These rules are to govern general behavior of all Island Pointe Marina Residents & their guests.
Common Areas include the clubhouse, pool & hot tub, walkways, picnic areas, playground, gazebo, and parking.

Thank you,
The Island Pointe Board of Directors

Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours are observed from 10pm - 8am every day. During this time noise shall be kept to a minimal level. No immoral, improper, unlawful or offensive behavior will be tolerated


Smoking is permitted within your unit and in common areas unless otherwise noted (clubhouse, pool, hot tub and pool deck). You are responsible for properly disposing of your cigarette/cigar.


Overnight curbside or road parking on Anchors Way or Island Pointe Drive is prohibited. The roadway is narrow and this rule is for the safety of all our residents and their guests. Please use the parking areas. NO overnight storage of trailers, Rv's, recreational vehicles or commercial vehicles is permitted on the common grounds.
(Condominium By-Laws, Exhibit B, Article 8 Restrictions, 8.4, A.12.)

Posted Speed Limits

The speed limit on Anchors Way and Island Pointe Drive is 15 MPH. Please obey our speed limit.

Waste Disposal

Garbage is picked up on Monday mornings. Homeowners are to put out their waste containers late on Sunday evening or early Monday mornings. If you leave for the weekend try and make arrangements with a neighbor to bring your container in. The dumpster in the North parking lot gets very full, especially on holiday weekends. Please bag all trash. Please break down all boxes before placing them in the dumpster. Items left outside the dumpster will not be hauled away. DO NOT LEAVE ANY TRASH OUTSIDE THE DUMPSTER. Blue trash containers found in common areas (picnic areas, play ground, pool deck, walkways) are for minimal use within said area. No bottles, cans or glass is to be disposed of in the blue containers, these items are to be taken to the dumpster and put in the appropriate area.


Approx. the week of May 5th the sprinklers and dock water will be tested and started up. Residents are not permitted to make any adjustments to the sprinkler heads. Please notify Email:gardnermgmt@ctsmail.net if you experience any problems such as water hitting windows, broken sprinkler heads, leaks, etc.

Dockside Mulching

Residents living on the water are asked to please keep their mulched areas facing the docks as neat and tidy as possible. Some dockside mulched areas wash out after each rain and mulch and other debris is spread onto the walkways. Individual units shall be maintained in an appropriate fashion. No unsightly conditions will be tolerated.


No use of firearms, dangerous weapons, or illegal fireworks will be permitted with in the condominium premises. Open burning of any material is prohibited. The Island Pointe Marina Board would like to remind all co-owners about the dangers of discharging fireworks. We have many boats along the docks. They are open or have canvas covers and biminis. There has been much damage to boat covers and seating due to the discharge of bottle rockets and other types of shooting displays. These devices can be carried by the wind and often times land on boat floors, seats, and covers causing burns and sometimes a fire. There is no discharging of fireworks allowed within IPM.

Did you know that all fireworks, even sparklers, can be dangerous? Sparklers can burn at up to 180 Degress (hot enough to melt gold), and are the second leading cause of firework-related trips to the emergency room.

Here are four fun, fire-free ways to your children or grandchildren to sparkle on the Fourth:

1. Wave glo-sticks instead of sparklers, or wear glo-ropes and glo-jewelry.
2. Paint a picture with neon or glow-in-the-dark paint, and watch it light up as the night sky darkens.
3. Wrap a flashlight in colored cellophane to shine a colored light.
4. Catch fireflies, and keep them in a jar with holes until the night is over.

The IPM board would encourage all co-owners to attend the fireworks display that the City of St. Joseph sponsors. It begins at dusk on Friday, July 4th. View it by boat, by sitting along the river downtown, or on Silver Beach.

City of Saint Joseph Leash Law

No dog is allowed to run at large. Dogs must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet. The dog owner must also clean up animal excrement.

IPM by-laws clearly state that dogs need to be kept under control. While this has several interpretations it is important to note that not all residents enjoy our canine friends as much as their owners. Please make sure that dogs are kept under control, this includes being quiet and when outside of your home or off of your deck, kept on a lead or leash. Please inform your renters and guests.

Fire Pit Rules


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